A Butterfly Beats Festival Collab

Festivals equal freedom. We all know the tales; we all lived them throughout the years.

Festivals even started taking freedom in building a certain atmosphere for the visitors. Think Thé Dansant Open Airs or bombastic Tomorrowland.

Butterfly Beats Festival in Gits (nearby Roeselare) is celebrating its 5th anniversary on Saturday 4th of July. The jubilee entails the organization playing the atmosphere card. Needless to say we likey!

We are talking fine collaborations with our very own Søndag (you know, that underground venue we cannot do without on Sundays), reduced ticket prizes, two stages and nothing but the finest “unts unts unts” flavours for your ears.




A.K.A. Area 1: Søndag Stage. Sublime house sounds engaging from:

◆ NICO MORANO (Ketaloco)
◆ PETE HOWL (Decadance)
◆ MAXIM LANY & NATHANIEL (The House Academy)
◆ BEAUHAUSE (Tomorrowland)
◆ HYMST (Decadance)
◆ ADRIAN & FRED V (E-lab)
◆ GERALD & CROKY (Stereo)

In addition to that, Søndag partners To Be Store and Num Nut already confirmed on participating at Butterfly Beats Festival. Participating as what, you say? For you to find out!

Meanwhile, keep an eye open on the official Facebook page of Butterfly Beats Festival and Søndag, – a little hint I wouldn’t ignore -.


Night Essentials & Blue Box 22 hosts butterfly Beats Festival’s Area 2. This collab is translated into more commercial music from national and international names such as:

◆ FUNK D (NL, Tomorrowland)
◆ DAVE TILL (Smash The House)
◆ NEON (TomorrowWorld)
◆ AUDIOPHONIC (Summerfestival)
◆ 2 EMPRESS (Laundry Day)
◆ TDB (Parsidance)
◆ KUSINER (Culture Club)


Butterfly Beats Festival’s purpose is to be cosy and very qualitative. Think butterflies meet areas of outstanding natural beauty. Think make-up artist inspired by butterflies. Think cotton candy, a keenly chosen caterer and Mini Cooper. Bedazzled yet?

It is the organisation’s aim to focus on the region, its quality and to remain small, 1500 – 2000 people, and affordable. Butterfly Beats reduced its weekend of open-air festivities to a one-day package. And speaking of reducing… Ticket prizes have gone down to €15. Without the food and beverages prizes moving on up. On the contrary.

But wait! Let me walk you through the VIP package as well. VIPs get to dig the festival at 12h, instead of 14h, combined with a delicious barbecue, special treatments in the “cosy corner”, and free toilet use. €30. Not a penny less.


When was the last time you paid this little for such an event? Exactly.


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See you Saturday 4th of July!

Pictures © Butterfly Beats Festival and Søndag