Don’t ask me how they did it, but in three years time WECANDANCE managed to take it’s place amongst Belgium’s finest festivals. Their third edition will take place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9th of August. After hippies (first year) and Egypt (second year), Tropical is this years theme!

The statement Ten Walls should have made

More or less everyone with an Internet connection and a Facebook-account has written his or her opinion on the recent Ten Walls events that have occurred. Some of the opinions were scathing, others defended the Lithuanian producer.

Yesterday afternoon Ten Walls released a statement, apologizing for the things he said, and stating that he needed a break now, so he cancelled all his gigs. Ever since the outburst of the hatred against Ten Walls, I’ve been wondering: was there a way he could have saved his career? Was there anything at all he could have said to try and make things right?

5 reasons to Søndag this week!

To be completely honest here: you actually need to be at Søndag every week. 2015 has been nothing short of spectacular for the latest addition to Belgian nightlife so far. It all started on the first day of the year: a perfect night carried by nothing but local talent like Clerckie and Lomme. Then there was Raving George, B-EATS with Iris Menza and last week Leesa. All memorable nights but… The best is yet to come! Here are five reasons why you need to be at Søndag this week:

I’m a drama queen

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for dance music. Even when I was a little child, I remember listening to music from Daft Punk, Robert Miles and Armand Van Helden. However, this passion has never been exclusively limited to just dance music. I’ve always known to appreciate many different artists, from many different genres. Although, there was always one element I really loved, and still love: drama!

This weekend at Søndag

If you haven’t heard about Søndag yet, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past couple of months. Søndag is a brand new intimate underground club, opening every sunday-evening (6 o’clock) and offering the best music in a perfect setting. This week at Søndag: Ante Perry!

And there’s more… On saturday-evening, Maxim Lany and Nathaniel are playing a B2B set as The House Academy at RAW XL in Kortrijk, also on that line up: Red D feat. Lady Linn, Madame Edwaar, Lomme and Gwenn Honeyslave. Find the facebook-event here.

Tickets for this top-notch event cost €8, and a ticket to RAW also gives acces to Søndag on sunday!

On sunday, we have our good friend from Dortmund, aka the president of Belgium, coming over to Søndag. Can’t wait to be reuinted with this friendly deep house monster again!

Fritz Kalkbrenner Live

I got a little confession to make. Before yesterday evening, I had never been to a live concert. I know, I know, shame on me. Of course, I had seen a lot of live acts on festivals or in clubs, but never had I gone to a stand-alone concert before. And boy, do I regret it. 

Love Kortrijk

Last thursday was a special night for me. I hosted an event in decadance dedicated to my hometown Kortrijk. The turn-out was huge, the music was perfect and the vibe was amazing. All of which made me very proud. The city is really working it’s way up and building a great image as the city of design. Here’s a couple of cool new places to be in the city.