Baby I’m going on an aeroplane

Baby I’m going on an aeroplane, and I don’t know if I’ll be back again.

Vienna: the Imperial City, the City of Music. At one point in time it was the centre of Europe as it was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and later the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with the Habsburg Dynasty in charge. The historical importance of this city can still be seen today and makes a visit oh so worth your while!

Let’s start with some culture:

The Albertina museum: a must-see. The permanent collection holds various artists like Picasso, Miró, Monet, Paul Delvaux,… If you plan on visiting one museum, well this one is it!


THA Vienna 1

Another great museum is the Leopoldmuseum situated in the Museumsquartier. The Museumsquartier is a trendy location next to the Kunsthistorisches and Naturhistorisches Museum. They even have a Belgian artist like Georges Minne in the exhibition, as well as the powerful works of Egon Schiele and the most impressive art piece I have ever seen: Life and Death by Gustav Klimt.


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Are you hungry yet? Go have lunch at Beaulieu in the Ferstelpassage. It’s a nice French bistro, fairly priced and excellent Quality. Another good option would be one of the traditional Viennese cafés like Café Central or Zum Schwarzen Kameel.

In the afternoon stroll around in the first district and admire the architectural highlights like the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Rathaus, …


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Ok so you spent the better part of the day sightseeing and absorbing culture? Time to chill.

In the summer go to the Donaukanal, to bar Adria for some drinks and a laid back atmosphere. If you fancy something more posh go to Tel Aviv beach right next to it. In wintertime you could go to the top floor bar in the 25hours hotel, next to the Volkstheater.


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Ready to start a party? One of the best clubs in Vienna is Grelle Forelle, look it up and you’ll see! Or you are looking for Quality Music but in a more social and upscale setting: Pratersauna. Fancy an afterparty? Go to SASS on the Karlsplatz, or the smudgy Donau Techno club.


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The afternoon will probably be spent hung over. So have some tapas in Toma tu Tiempo (2 guys from Barcelona run the place) and head over to Record Bag, which is a record store obviously. They have a pretty great selection but no second hand.


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Before leaving have some drinks at Le Loft at the Sofitel rooftop. It has great music and the best view on the Viennese skyline (I admit the skyline is not that great, but still a nice view).

There is so much more to experience in Vienna, but part of the fun is exploring, right?


Article by Aurélien Van De Velde