During summer, Belgium is the Walhalla for festivals. Over the years, there are gatherings that are in indispensable in our agenda and some new festivals that are making their entrance. A couple of years ago Charlotte De Cock decided to create Barefoot, a place of love and peace inspired on the philosophy of Burning Man. The House Academy was invited to experience the third edition of Barefoot & we got the opportunity to interview Charlotte for a little Quality First Q&A.

THA Barefoot 1

Charlotte De Cock is an artist from Antwerp. She is the creative brain & executor behind Barefoot. Earlier this year she became well known in Flanders with her art exhibition ‘The Thirteen Masters’. Besides that she is also a model, DJ and stylist.

Quality First Q&A

Elements that are important in all your work
Contrast & eccentricity.

Define Barefoot in a few words
An experience, thematic, wildlife & nature, love, recycle and art.

Barefoot in the future
I want to keep it exclusive. Every year the location will change. Barefoot is a magical place in the middle of nature where people can escape from reality & have fun.

Symbol that represents Barefoot
Peace sign; that stands for love & freedom.

Favo places that give you inspiration
Nevada desert.

What do you love about Belgium?
The people. Belgium might be a small country, but we have a lot of inspiring and talented people.

THA Barefoot 2

THA Barefoot 3

THA Barefoot 4

THA Barefoot 5

THA Barefoot 6

Make Up by Hade Deneef & Nils Missorten.

THA Barefoot 7

THA Barefoot 8

THA Barefoot 9

This year’s theme was ‘Free as a bird’. The one-with-nature philosophy was present in each detail. The stands were built from recycled materials and the benches were made of painted tractor tires. For the art installation Charlotte decided to collaborate with Georges Cuvillier, who build a 20m long tunnel with bamboo stems. Nacht Collectief was also present to stage a permanent sunset through a special light show. For the early birds there was a yoga-brunch session led by yogini Nina De Man.

Quality First beats were provided by Agents Of Time, Maya Cox, Renee, Vision Machine, Audio Boulevard and many more.

You can find more info on the Charlotte De Cock personal website & Facebook page.

Thanks for reading. Bise, C.
Urban Fashion Scenario

Pictures © Céline Radelet