Belgium Needs You!

Hi Freaks, I know it has been way to long since I’ve written something for The Academy. The fact is, I didn’t want to write posts, just to write posts. I wanted to have something genuine to say. The experiences in the last couple of days have lead to me, genuinely having something to say. So here I am!

I’ve spent the last couple of days in Ghent, where I stayed at Lany’s. Maxim and I have known each other for almost 8 years now, and we regularly meet to produce music and simply spend time together. This time, for the first time, we played a gig on thursday at Klub XIII, which made we were able to combine studio time with some time behind the decks. Before leaving for the club, I was sitting in the living room of Maxim’s little Villa and I wanted to prepare myself for the night by buying a couple of new tracks on Beatport. Maxim and I always discuss the general situation concerning electronic music in Belgium. So I opened beatport and started listing to the overall top ten. Then it happened, I literally got SHOCKED. Every track in that top 10 was EDM, or even better said: hardcore music at 128 bpm. Every actual track. 8 weeks ago there were also a couple of descent tracks in the top 10, from labels like Kitball or Innervisions. I don’t care about what’s in those charts, but some of these tracks are categorized in ‘Deep House’, when I saw this, I almost threw up.

Then Maxim showed me a video of Dimitri Vegags and Like Mike playing at the Sportspaleis. I was impressed by the entire video. The atmosphere was awesome and the show was just huge. The only thing I would change in the entire video? The music and the artists. Maxim and I started to discuss again and he told me: “This is Belgium. The influence of this music and events like this are killing all the opportunities for the quality stuff.”

Furthermore, Maxim told me: ‘This is also the reason why I’m not playing my own tracks. If clabbers don’t want ADM, they’re asking for dark music. It’s hard to find a place where we can just play the music we love.”

As I mentioned before, Maxim and I have known eachother for 8 years now, and there have always been ‘problems’ like this. We always made the best of it. But this time I’m really asking myself: ‘club music, where are you going?’ or even better: ‘club music in Belgium, where are you going?‘…

Of course, in Germany we have EDM as well, but we also have a lot of amazing clubs (varying from really small to really big) promoting the good music. For me, there are only two categories of music: good music and not so good music. Regardless of the genres.



After our little discussion I left beatport with zero tracks in my shopping chart and we went to Klub XIII. The idea behind the event is to present our definition of good music. We started the night with care. Doing a proper warming up ourselves, to build the atmosphere. Thursday night is a typical student party day at Overpoort. Every bar or club is playing EDM or urban. Instead of us at Klub XIII. Of course in our definition you will find urban sounds too.

We started slowly with New Disco and Deep House and built it up with every track. And thats how it works. The club has a custom made PA which sounds amazing. And the result of a good club with good music (presented with dramaturgy) and good people: they were dancing, screaming and enjoying the night.

We want to continue this party every other month, just to play music we like and to teach the people definition of quality music. If we do not do this, who else will do it? Like Mike? Definitely not.

Thats the the reason we need YOU. Keep the quality alive and always look left and right instead of just straight.
Support your local scene and do not think the louder or faster is the better.

And now, as Maxim would say: SHARE THE FEELING!

All the best,