Long charming tables filled with loved ones, preferably in Miami, Paris, Istanbul or New York.
Past, present and future intertwine when stories are told. Furnished with laughter.

This rare image comes to life whenever Butch’s CEO Dominique Vindevogel isn’t busy roaming the globe to meet his exclusive clients. And yet, even when this scenario sets in, you might encounter Dominique working…secretly.


As it suits an executive, the Butch frontman works around the clock. Meetings neatly tailored into his planning. Whenever Dominique touches down in Istanbul, New York or Miami, a more vibrant version of the CEO announces itself. These cities are responsible for charging his batteries.

Being fully charged is certainly required, since Butch is on the verge of evolving.
The brand, responsible for qualitative custom-made suits, is extending by launching a new useful product for the tailors to use.

The Mobile Suitcase is today’s version of Louis Vuitton’s original handcrafted luggage.
The idea is to create a shop in a shop, adding a clothing partition and chair when visiting a client.

This refined version of the authentic trunk show adds, from the outset to the conclusion of buying a suit, personal guidance. A trunk show originated from when previews of the newest fashion collections were shown by designers in their travel case. Nowadays, trunk shows exclude the genuine suitcase, yet Butch reintroduces this state-of-the-art concept.

Next to that, their line ADL (= a different lifestyle) lets Butch curate its way of living.

With the helping hand of wife Isabelle Adriaenssens, Dominique creates a habitat for the classic Butch client in which everything is for sale, even their art sculptures (by Herman Van Nazareth, a family friend).



Think global travellers who enjoy the finesse of food, who zoom closely into every detail, who acknowledge authenticity and who link time with luxury.

As stated by Dominique, time is the new luxury. Time for long charming tables filled with loved ones, time for roaming the globe to meet exclusive clients and time to create custom-made artefacts.


The CEO of style also brought in a few pointers for you, dear men, to wear at any occasion.
Add navy and grey into your closet, as those are the colours of class.
Skip the oversized outfits and go for garments with well-fitted, natural-looking shoulders.
Even when wearing sportswear, these two basic leads can be easily applied.


The Butch ADL store is to be found in Nieuwpoort’s Albert I laan.
Very soon, a Ghent version will open its doors in the Brabantdam.
I suggest a grand kick-off party with loved ones!

Pictures © Butch