Long charming tables filled with loved ones, preferably in Miami, Paris, Istanbul or New York.
Past, present and future intertwine when stories are told. Furnished with laughter.

This rare image comes to life whenever Butch’s CEO Dominique Vindevogel isn’t busy roaming the globe to meet his exclusive clients. And yet, even when this scenario sets in, you might encounter Dominique working…secretly.

Domestic Design

Last month, HOOK’s handmade geometric jewellery was represented at Søndag. Charlotte brought, next to the ornaments worn by Søndag’s very own luscious bartenders, her engaging entourage!

Discreet Geometry

Night Shift events, amazing Søndag nights, heart-robing exhibitions, Fall/Winter 2015 collections… Wow, spring, nice job getting the creative juices flowing!

The drivkraft of design

Arriving and leaving work when it is dark is what we all encounter these days. The few hours of little light during the day fills me up with drivkraft (motivation) and makes me want to work yet another tad harder! But when lacking windows at the office, this seems quite difficult.

For those who aren’t blessed with professions that oblige you to stretch your legs, I consult daily exercise or a change in sitting posture every once and a while. Or else you will encounter the severe pain of three jammed ribs. And not the “all you can eat” kind of ribs, mind you.

Design classics

I adore classics. That goes for every kind of things in life. I love musical classics like Ocateve One – Blackwater or Fairmont – Gazebo. I love classic cars like the Range Rover P38 or the Jaguar E-type. I love classic outfits like the double breasted suit or the plaid shirt. And I also love design classics. They can really take your entire interior to a higher level.