During summer, Belgium is the Walhalla for festivals. Over the years, there are gatherings that are in indispensable in our agenda and some new festivals that are making their entrance. A couple of years ago Charlotte De Cock decided to create Barefoot, a place of love and peace inspired on the philosophy of Burning Man. The House Academy was invited to experience the third edition of Barefoot & we got the opportunity to interview Charlotte for a little Quality First Q&A.


Don’t ask me how they did it, but in three years time WECANDANCE managed to take it’s place amongst Belgium’s finest festivals. Their third edition will take place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9th of August. After hippies (first year) and Egypt (second year), Tropical is this years theme!

A Butterfly Beats Festival Collab

Festivals equal freedom. We all know the tales; we all lived them throughout the years.

Festivals even started taking freedom in building a certain atmosphere for the visitors. Think Thé Dansant Open Airs or bombastic Tomorrowland.

Butterfly Beats Festival in Gits (nearby Roeselare) is celebrating its 5th anniversary on Saturday 4th of July. The jubilee entails the organization playing the atmosphere card. Needless to say we likey!

We are talking fine collaborations with our very own Søndag (you know, that underground venue we cannot do without on Sundays), reduced ticket prizes, two stages and nothing but the finest “unts unts unts” flavours for your ears.

The statement Ten Walls should have made

More or less everyone with an Internet connection and a Facebook-account has written his or her opinion on the recent Ten Walls events that have occurred. Some of the opinions were scathing, others defended the Lithuanian producer.

Yesterday afternoon Ten Walls released a statement, apologizing for the things he said, and stating that he needed a break now, so he cancelled all his gigs. Ever since the outburst of the hatred against Ten Walls, I’ve been wondering: was there a way he could have saved his career? Was there anything at all he could have said to try and make things right?

Super Discount 3

France has given us an insane amount of good music and DJ’s in the last few decades. Think Daft Punk, Justice, Kavinsky, Brodinski, Yuksek, Surkin… The list goes on and on. One guy from that list recently released his new album. Think analog bliss, disco vibes, Juno, old school drums, vocoders… Veteran Etienne De Crécy is back at it.  After impressing at Pukkelpop and I Love Techno with his Super Discount 3 liveset (together with legends Alex Gopher and Julien Delfaud), it’s time for the album version.