Num Nut invited Søndag

If you have a soft spot for sneakers, then I bet I might’ve spotted you last Saturday at Num Nut in Kortrijk! Geoffrey Claret, owner of the new sneaker store, invited Søndag with Endove and our very own Maxim Lany. Every sneaker and house music nut came over to have a blast… and to score some last minute sneaker sales!
Indeed, the store was packed! A review.

5 reasons to Søndag this week!

To be completely honest here: you actually need to be at Søndag every week. 2015 has been nothing short of spectacular for the latest addition to Belgian nightlife so far. It all started on the first day of the year: a perfect night carried by nothing but local talent like Clerckie and Lomme. Then there was Raving George, B-EATS with Iris Menza and last week Leesa. All memorable nights but… The best is yet to come! Here are five reasons why you need to be at Søndag this week:

I’m a drama queen

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for dance music. Even when I was a little child, I remember listening to music from Daft Punk, Robert Miles and Armand Van Helden. However, this passion has never been exclusively limited to just dance music. I’ve always known to appreciate many different artists, from many different genres. Although, there was always one element I really loved, and still love: drama!

1000 times Caribou

If you have some time to spare, this might be something interesting. Caribou, an exceptional musician who was partly responsible for one of 2014’s biggest festival hits, has shared his 1000 favourite tracks in a Youtube-playlist. He advises you to listen to it in shuffle-mode, as the tracks are in no particular order.

Music must-have: Sennheiser Momentum

When listening to house music good headphones is definitely essential. Our THA dj’s favourite pick are the headsets from Sennheiser. Looking for one that you can wear with your daily outfits? Then you will love the Momentum collection. It offers you a unique lifestyle experience.

My top 10 House tracks

Hello y’all. Time for a new music article. Thought of sharing my 10 favourite House tracks of the moment, tracks that I also play in my sets lately. Enjoy, share, play and love. Or just escape reality by reading the articles on our website!

James Holden curating Sonic City

On November 22nd and 23rd, the yearly Sonic City Festival took place in De Kreun, a concert venue at Kortrijk. This festival isn’t a dime a dozen because they don’t work with own line-up programmers. They just ask an external curator – mostly a known artist – to compose the entire line-up. Quite fascinating. This year, the mighty James Holden was the chosen one.

2014 in review pt. 1: Pete Howl

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to reflect on what 2014 brought us. I will write a few pieces on 2014 in the next few days. To me, it has been a year of rediscoveries. I rediscovered my love for techno, thanks to one club in particular: Decadance. There, one guy epitomises everything Decadance stands for: Pete Howl.

Hello play! Fuel Concert

Hello play! is a new platform for Belgian electronic music. The House Academy was invited to their fuel concert with great artists such as: Amon Tobin, Pomrad, Michael Midnight, Surfing Leons and Bafana. Our Hello play! experience? Read all about it here.

Le Grand Mix

Le Grand Mix is a concert venue in Tourcoing, France. We hear your thoughts, “France? Why go so far to concerts if we have venues like AB, Botanique, Nijdrop or Vooruit in our country?”. Well, for people from the southern part of East and West Flanders, it’s even easier to get there. En plus, at Le Grand Mix the program is of a high level and rather cheap. Still not convinced? Have a read!