Fritz Kalkbrenner Live

I got a little confession to make. Before yesterday evening, I had never been to a live concert. I know, I know, shame on me. Of course, I had seen a lot of live acts on festivals or in clubs, but never had I gone to a stand-alone concert before. And boy, do I regret it. 

Motor City Drum Ensemble

Dour, 25th of July 2014, 7.30 pm. In 15 minutes, Danilo Plessow (aka Motor City Drum Ensemble) will start his set at Dour Festival. A nice crowd is waiting on this hot summer day (25+ degrees), and of course I am in that same crowd. This is quite a special moment for me, because it’s the first time I’ll see him play.

How to send your promos

Promoting a new release as an artist isn’t an easy thing to do. But a lot of people underestimate the significance of promo mails. While reading a promotional mail, the receiver will immediately form a first impression of your music, which can be in your advantage or disadvantage. Here are some do’s and don’t’s when sending out promos.

Teaching The Kids

Some days ago, 100 Dagen took place in Ghent. Usually a day – even more a night – where young students slightly exaggerated celebrate their last 100 days before graduating high school. The Overpoort, the student party quarter, was flooded with these 17 and 18 year old youngsters. And yup, I’ve seen a lot of fights, a lot of overly drunk people and some animal behavior.

Why performing a live act?

The times that rock bands and dj’s lived in a completely different world, are already some years behind us. Nowadays, some dj’s are worshipped like rockstars and musicians from both worlds use more and more techniques from each other. How many rock bands use electronic aspects in their music nowadays? And on the other hand, producers make records more and more with traditional music instruments. A good evolution or not? Let’s have a look!

Why House?

A few weeks ago, Xavier Van Bouwel (Supreems) posted this on Facebook:
‘My parents don’t get why I don’t play the music Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike play, they say that’s the music people love and at least I’d make some money’. 
A lot of DJ’s often get this question. Not only their parents ask them but also friends and even bookers. It’s not easy being a DJ who doesn’t play mainstream music, so why do we do it? x Dress-Lace Store Modish Lace Textured Dress With Belt

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