Baby I’m going on an aeroplane

Baby I’m going on an aeroplane, and I don’t know if I’ll be back again.

Vienna: the Imperial City, the City of Music. At one point in time it was the centre of Europe as it was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and later the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with the Habsburg Dynasty in charge. The historical importance of this city can still be seen today and makes a visit oh so worth your while!

Non-party tips for Ibiza

Going out on Ibiza is easy. Every single club on the Island is fantastic, from Amnesia to Pacha, from Booom to Ushuaia, they all have something unique that makes the club worth visiting. All you have to do is check the line-ups for that evening and pick the best one. A little more difficult is deciding what to do during daytime (apart from the beachparties of course). To help you on your way, we have listed a couple of must-visits for the Island. Fashion, food, drinks and beaches. All quality first!


Exploring.  Over the many centuries, exploring developed into a pastime that will stay well rooted in our genes. Travelling, moving, experiencing the quality of life and breaking through the boundaries of freedom. Just writing these first two sentences awakens my wanderlust, yet again! Since the weather develops into our favour, wanderlust comes around several times a day.
Roaming the globe, however, is for the lucky ones who have, in particular, time on their hands. Being not yet in that “extra timeslot” of my life, I have made a list of the places and spaces I want to see and experience as soon as the prime time of my working life gets an extra clock.
So here are my Top 5 locations, ranked in no particular order.