Discreet Geometry

Night Shift events, amazing Søndag nights, heart-robing exhibitions, Fall/Winter 2015 collections… Wow, spring, nice job getting the creative juices flowing!

Charbel Abou Zeidan, a talented acquaintance who goes from pillar to post and is all about leading edge, is without a doubt April’s one to watch!

The Bubox (derived from the artsy BUda isle in Kortrijk and the horse/gift BOX where artworks are displayed) exhibition “Actuele Kunst Tussen Oorlog en Vrede” in Kortrijk‘s Broelmuseum highlights Charbel’s artfulness in his calligraphic installations. The exhibition brings us back to times of WOI, yet in a contemporary perspective. It is divided under different chapters, one of them known as Panorama 14-18.

Charbel clearly thought outside the Bubox and based his visuals on the words “war” and “peace”, but from a hopeful point of view as a way to sow strength after ravaged times.

These terms are calligraphically, yet geometrically written in Arabic. It appears they have been zoomed in before they were inserted into frames.
Automatically, one feels attracted to have a closer look.

As this is the first exhibition Charbel took part in, a firm debut is the least I can say! Next to his art installations, he designed the exhibition’s logo as well. Harmonious yet contradictory, the top part of the logo blends in with the bottom part.

When visiting the Broelmuseum, do notice the other installations as well! “Bunker Archeology”, for example, is my other personal favorite. In a large dark room, the artists bring vanished bunkers back to life.



Graduated in interior architecture at the Fine Arts University of Beirut, Charbel advanced as being an indispensable part of the Elie Saab unit in Paris. He stood at the very fundament of new collections and meticulously followed each step of the designing process. Throughout the years, Charbel found himself being competent in many creative endeavors from architecture, to art, photography and fashion.

It was a natural doing to launch his Belgian line LEBRAHC (let me give you a second to reflect on this) in 2013 in Kortrijk. After a few striking collections, March inaugurated LEBRAHC’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection. With model Marie-Frédérique Opsomer and make-up artist Ina Libbrecht, Charbel chooses to work with raw talent.

The Fall/Winter collection embodies a contemporary spirit of the Great War. As Charbel describes it: “With a strong emphasis on practicality, the collection features unisex inspired jumpsuits while fluid meshed wool, thick double layered stretch cotton or dense wool-mohair blends welcome winter months with flair.”  Scandinavian influences, Chinese Mao inspirations and, as always, a touch of geometry. Charbel marks on choosing Flanders’ finest fabric suppliers and dyes his timeless colours himself. Rusty brown, soft turquoise and ever-elegant anthracite emphasizes the elegance of the empowered woman who determinedly navigates through deadlines, budgets and projects.





Next to the garments in LEBRAHC’s store, alluring accessories designed by Charbel and scents for the home are to be discovered as well. Think futuristic 60’s inspired scented candles by Courrèges, fragrance collections by Welton London and the exclusive Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette tokidoki’s.




By the way, feeling an itch to embark on a new journey? Well, consider this an invitation to get your creative juices flowing!
LEBRAHC is accessible to all people edgy, witty or passionate enough to join forces and to merge visions.
So why don’t you come over and encounter Charbel as an aficionado of art, architecture, photography and fashion? Perhaps your collaboration has what it takes to expand and represent LEBRAHC in dandy places and spaces!


LEBRAHC flagship store and studio
Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 11
8500 Kortrijk

Tuesday to Saturday from 14:00h-18:00h


Panorama 14-18 / Bubox
Broelkaai 6
8500 Kortrijk

Every day until Sunday 19th of April

Pictures © Charbel Abou Zeidan