Exploring.  Over the many centuries, exploring developed into a pastime that will stay well rooted in our genes. Travelling, moving, experiencing the quality of life and breaking through the boundaries of freedom. Just writing these first two sentences awakens my wanderlust, yet again! Since the weather develops into our favour, wanderlust comes around several times a day.
Roaming the globe, however, is for the lucky ones who have, in particular, time on their hands. Being not yet in that “extra timeslot” of my life, I have made a list of the places and spaces I want to see and experience as soon as the prime time of my working life gets an extra clock.
So here are my Top 5 locations, ranked in no particular order.

Vatniò, Faroe Islands
The Faroe Islands, located between Scotland, Norway and Iceland, is in fact part of the Danish Kingdom. The outline of the islands has a mystic undertone and seems adventurous, to say the least!
Their biggest lake, Vatniò, as named by the locals yet officially known as Sorvagsvatn, is the reason why I’m yearning to jump on a plane or ferry. It’s nature taking over, baby!


When leaving the Faroe Islands, catch another plane or ferry towards Iceland and have a look at the ice caves in Skaftafell. Iceland is a huge nature baby and it is definitely worth your time!




Burning Man, Black Rock Nevada Desert, USA

It’s been years that this festival found its way to the top of my exploring list. I first heard from it by a friend who went there herself to help out artist Arne Quinze when he made a massive wooden artwork, Uchronia –also known as the Belgian Waffle- to represent “brave, little Belgium” in the big USA.
Since then, I was fascinated by getting completely disconnected with time, business meetings, pressure and money. During Burning Man, trading is the only way to get food, beverages and other needs.
Art is at its peak during the festival and a community arises from last year’s ashes until it is time, yet again, to burn it all back to the ground at the end of the event.



And after that, go on a road trip to Arizona through the Grand Canyon! Mind you, the Antelope Canyon is some heart throbbing eye-candy too!




Alberobello, Italy
Trulli. The common little houses in Alberobello, Bari, make this village a pleasant stay. When staying in Alberobello, I imagine myself cooking the most freshly made dishes because of Italy’s finest and healthiest regional products! It brings you back to basic and let you enjoy the little things of life.




Saiho-Ji, Kyoto, Japan
Asia has always been waking up my interests over the years. The country of time and undertaking everything with care has to be Japan. Collectivism, Zen-gardens, sushi… the Japanese take time and invest their time wisely.
Of all places in Japan I want to visit thoroughly, the garden of Saiho-Ji would be my favourite and therefore final stop before I would leave. The well-nurtured nature brings strength and knowledge, two things worth having.



When in Asia, visit China. If you are keen on going on an adventure, catch the Trans-Siberian express from Moscow to Beijing! This would be an ultimate experience! And when arriving in China, visit (next to the common to do’s) their colourful nature and rice fields, it really is breathtaking!




Kolmanskop, Namibia
You might have spotted this deserted desert city over the past few weeks. A beautiful photo documentary has been made by French photographer Romain Veillon and shows us how this German-built city has been absorbed into the desert’s sand. Beautiful, and worth visiting whenever you’re in the African continent.


Speaking of deserted, Deadvlei in Namibia is also a departed, yet beautiful, place. No more words needed.



Ever thought of sharing a dream place or space with us? Don’t hesitate to do so; we are excited to get to know more of your wanderlust!