If you share our soft spot for newest trends, events or movements, The House Academy is your one stop shop. Birds of a feather flock together. Therefore, it only seems naturally that we retrieve the same chromosomes in our closest friends, yet they all hold their own expertise. Art, for example.

Marvellous Mieke Janssens, one of my dearest partners in crime, from the Francis Maere Fine Arts in Ghent thought of rejuvenating the gallery some time ago. First up was transforming the gallery into a pop-up restaurant to kick off the first solo exhibition in Belgium of Caziel (during his period in l’Ecole de Paris, he was a close friend of Picasso). The Caziel exhibition was a result of the gallery’s collaboration with London’s Whitford Fine Art.
And now, the time has come for Cyril Porchet to be part of the rejuvenation!

So, what happens to a renowned art gallery, known for its European Art during 1850-1930, when inviting a contemporary and young photographer as Cyril? It opens up to a new kind of public. A public that appreciates talent, quality and recognizes investing as a clever concept for early birds!

Cyril’s works are powerful, to say the least. His Mention of Excellence during his Master Degree in Art Direction in Lausanne, Switzerland, is also only a wrinkle on his oeuvre. From 2010 up until now, Cyril Porchet already hit several publications and won prestigious prizes (from Wallpaper* Magazine to two Swiss Federal Awards) while exhibiting in France, Switzerland, Italy, the UK and Belgium.

“Vertigo” is a series of strong baroque iconography. Cyril used a 4 x 5 inch format camera to create vigour within painted trompe l’oeil heavens. He then blended black and white colours into the architectural framework pictures to create a new level of this magnificent baroque art.

Vertigo (150x170)


Flux, Cyril Porchet’s exhibition in Francis Maere Fine Arts, metaphorically fuses with the shifting motions in the series of photographs. These flows of energy and movement are primarily present in Cyril’s images. Being young and very dynamic himself, he remains inquisitive and eager to discover new photographing techniques every day.

Crowd (125x156)


With “Reina”, the photographical artist shows us yet again how well-built his eye for detail is. These series are my personal favourite, as they rebel to minimalism.
Or even better, imagine a minimalist interior with one of Cyril’s stunning Reina images! A grand open space and within it, on a pure white wall, a huge canvas filled with tiny and impressive details can easily awaken various daydreams.

That is why I am definitely signing up for Flux from Friday 13th of February in the Francis Maere Fine Arts, Kouter 127, Ghent! The exhibition concludes Sunday 29th of March.

Don’t hesitate to visit the gallery and stand in awe of the Flux photographs.
I recommend it to all of you, since we share the same “Quality First” chromosomes and, birds of a feather flock together.

Reina 3 (64x74.75)

Pictures © Francis Maere Fine Arts