“In bed” men’s shirt

Winter is here and there is nothing more fun than staying at home all day. Think: a cup of coffee, Quality First house music sounds and of course your boyfriend’s shirt. Is your lover tired of you always stealing his favorite clothes? No prob, we have the perfect solution!


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Abbie&Rose created the ‘in bed’ shirt. This really soft and comfy men’s shirt in brushed cotton is the perfect must-have for a day at home. It comes in 3 different colors: blue, dark red and brown and has the perfect fit.

This Belgo-French casual men’s shirt label was created in 2012 and is based in Brussels.
Abbie & Rose what? In a few words: for the hardworking men who want to reach their objectives, but never forget to relax and enjoy what they have without taking themselves seriously #QualityFirstapproved!

You can discover the whole collection and more info on the Abbie & Rose website or Facebook page.


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