JuliaJune unites Belgian talents

As Quality First ambassadors we are totally fan of Belgian brands. One you should definitely keep an eye on is JuliaJune. For this summer they decided to put some Belgian talents in the spotlight. Curious about the result? Keep on reading!

JuliaJune in three words: refined cuts, rich fabrics and sophisticated details. For their new collection they have decided to add an extra dimension in the form of a capsule collection in collaboration with Belgian talents Sarah Corynen and Delphine & Emilienne Cordie from Souvenirs de Pomme.

JuliaJune x Sarah Corynen

Sarah who? Sarah Corynen is a talented fashion designer who besides her own collection also has worked with major Japanese fashion houses. The artwork was designed exclusively for the capsule collection. JuliaJune processed these drawings into beautiful garments.

THA JuliaJune x Sarah Corynen


JuliaJune x Souvenirs de Pomme

The sisters Delphine and Emilienne Cordie from Souvenirs de Pomme are huge fans of the brand. For this collab they had to leave their comfort zone to do something totally different. The jewels are created according to the fabric samples so that they perfectly match the entire collection. This results in these beautiful minimalist necklaces.

THA JuliaJune x Souvenirs de Pomme

Besides their own shops you can find them in numerous designer boutiques.
You can find more information about the collection and the shops on the JuliaJune website.

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Pictures © JuliaJune