Love Kortrijk

Last thursday was a special night for me. I hosted an event in decadance dedicated to my hometown Kortrijk. The turn-out was huge, the music was perfect and the vibe was amazing. All of which made me very proud. The city is really working it’s way up and building a great image as the city of design. Here’s a couple of cool new places to be in the city.

First stop: Num Nut.


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Looking for a cool new pair of sneakers, and you would like something else than the regular Nike Airs? Num Nut is your adress. A brand new sneaker shop in the Wijngaardstraat, run by a very cool and ambitious young guy. While you’re there: make sure to check out the rest of the street as well, great stores, like the legendary design store Ghistelinck for example.

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Second stop: Dedito

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When you got yourself a treat from Num Nut, make sure to make your girlfriend happy as well. You can do so at Dedito, right across the street. Great interior, super friendly staff and quality shoes and purses for the lady.

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Third stop: Wasbar

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On the other end of the Wijngaardstraat we find a place that doesn’t require any introduction anymore. Wasbar first started in Ghent in 2012, opened a second business in Antwerp one year after and recently opened a third franchise in the heart of my beloved city. Do your laundry while enjoying one of their splendid home made lemonades in their lovely and creative interior. These guys know how to run a business.

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Fourth stop: HUS by papago

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Two women from Kortrijk opened this new store with scandinavian design in the Lange Steenstraat (main shopping road) just yesterday! They have great pieces from well known brands (like HAY) for example, but also sell more unknown and independent designers. The prices are very democratic and the owners are really helpful and enthusiastic. The idea was to open a pop-up store, but only one day in, they’re already hoping to make it something permanent. We’re hoping with them!

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Fifth stop: Bluebox 22

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Another brand new addition to the list of shops: Blue Box 22. Just off the Lange Steenstraat, they sell male urban fashion from brands like Eleven Paris, Death by Zero and Elvine.  Plain cool. Cool fact: these guys also hosted a stage on this year’s Butterfly Beats Festival with Wätermat.

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Sixth stop: Viva Sara

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Before we stroll on, time for some coffee. Or tea. Or home made ice tea. Or soup. Or lunch. Whatever! Viva Sara, I just discoverd this place last week actually (shame on me), because I had a business meeting there. Forget about starbucks and related “cofee places”, this is the real stuff. Viva Sara is located on the Main Square in Kortijk and the place is huge. Despite it’s size, it’s really cosy inside though. The staff is very friendly and the coffee, drinks and food are lovely.

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Seventh stop: Julien Thibaut

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When you’re at the hairdresser’s, what do you talk about most of the time? Awkward conversations about the weather, latest news, politics maybe? Not me. When I’m in my hairdresser’s chair, I talk about recondite, Keinemusik, Job Jobse and Tale Of Us! Julien Thibaut is the best hairstylist in town, and whenever there’s a party in Kortrijk: Julien is there. Everyone knows him, and everyone loves him.

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Eighth stop: Café Costume

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Now that our hair looks all tidy again, time to get a new suit, and what better place to get a new suit than Café Costume. Tailor made from the best fabrics for affordable prices. After opening their stores in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels, they recently also came to Kortrijk. Goes to show which direction this city is headed. Amongst the clientele of Café Costume: 2 Many DJ’s, Bent Van Looy, Triggerfinger, The Magician and many, many, many more.

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Ninth stop: Jules Bar

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After a long and exhausting day of wandering through the city, how about a nice cocktail in a fantastic and brand new architectural setting? Park Hotel, which is known to be the best hotel in West-Flanders, recently opened Jules Bar, a cocktail bar in the center of the hotel. They have a big terrace and a large indoor space. The small creative touches and the great drinks on the menu make this place a must-visit in the city center.

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And then of course there’s the great deal of parties that make the city exciting on the weekends as well. Think House Grand Cru, Ohm, King Kong, Nächtvøgels, Bamboo and… RAW!

A couple of weeks from now, the guys from RAW are inviting us for a dj-set on their XL-event at Tranzit, also on the line-up: Red D. feat. Lady Linn, Madame Edwaar x Lomme and Gwenn Honeyslave.


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See you in Kortrijk!

– N.