Non-party tips for Ibiza

Going out on Ibiza is easy. Every single club on the Island is fantastic, from Amnesia to Pacha, from Booom to Ushuaia, they all have something unique that makes the club worth visiting. All you have to do is check the line-ups for that evening and pick the best one. A little more difficult is deciding what to do during daytime (apart from the beachparties of course). To help you on your way, we have listed a couple of must-visits for the Island. Fashion, food, drinks and beaches. All quality first!

I like to visit Ibiza shortly before the season starts because it’s a perfect way to watch the Island slowly awakening from it’s deep anual winter sleep. The bars and restaurants are opening again, the sun is shining, the locals look happy, … But it’s not busy yet. And things are cheap as hell. Renting a car for example. I stayed in Ibiza for 5 nights and I rented a car for 30 euros.

We booked a room via airbnb at the ‘new&cozy‘ residence of Vlatka and David, a fantastic Croatian-Austrian couple who have been living on the Island for three years now. They were able to share some of the best tips with us, and helped making our trip fantastic! If you’re looking to book an affordable and very clean room in Ibiza for the summer, get in touch with them!


Cala Salada is a small bay not very far from Sant Antoni. The great thing about this bay are the rocks that are surprisingly comfortable to relax on and the crystal blue water. There is also a small sand-beach, but if you want to get there you’ll have to climb the rocks first.

You can keep busy at Cala Salada all day, jumping off the cliffs, diving in the water, swimming with the fish, … 5361037eebb62-foto1




Na Xamena is the spa resort of the infamous Hotel Hacienda. If you are on Ibiza, this is defenitly a must-visit! The waterfalls, a series of 8 different jaccuzies overlooking the bay (amazing view) really is fantastic.

Our tip would be to book the waterfalls aperitif, which is € 55 per person and will take about 1,5 hours. The experience is worth every single penny spent.





If you thought Ibiza only has ugly little shops with club-tshirts or fluo tank tops that say ‘WHAT HAPPENS IN IBIZA STAYS IN IBIZA’, you were wrong. There are actually a couple of really nice boutiques in the old city center. The nicest one is panorama store. Run by a guy from Barcelona who’s lived on Ibiza for over 15 years now. The store offers a wide range of some of the coolest brands around like Hartford, RVLT/Revolution, … for both ladies and gentlemen.

Not only are the clothes fantastic, the interior is very nice as well. Be sure to bring enough money though, you will want to buy everything you see, we guarantee it.





Not many people are aware of this, but Ibiza actually has one of the best musea of contemprary art in the whole South of Europe. Even though the museum’s collection is not a very extended one, make sure to visit the museum when you have enough time on your hands. The works that are exposed really manage to draw your attention. Even for non-art-lovers, the museum is worth a visit, because of the building itself, which is a unique combination of ancient and modern architecture. And the best part is: entrance is free.





The bay of Cala Comte is situated on the west-side of the island. It has a very nice small sand-beach. The best plan would be to arrive before noon, if you want to be sure of your place. You can reserve a beach chair for € 8 and get a cup of delicious fresh fruit for € 5. There is also a bar where they serve delicious cocktails at reasonable prices.

While I was there last week a dj called niewald was playing the most amazing chillout music. 536103d8e15a3-foto5




This place is really hard to find. The best way to explain where it is is: drive from Ibiza to San Josep and keep a close look to every exit you have on your left side. On one of the exits there is a small sign indiciating ‘ES TORRENT’, when you see it, follow it. You won’t regret it.

World renowned chef Sergio Herman recently said Es Torrent is his favourite restaurant in the world. You’ll get a table on the beach, overlooking the mediterranean sea, and eating the most delicious fresh fish you’ll have ever tasted. If you’re on the island with your girlfriend or boyfriend, surprise him/her and thake him/her to Es Torrent. We guarantee she or he will LOVE it! Even though this restaurant is a little bit more expensive than the usual restaurant on Ibiza, it’s more than worth it.

You should definitely order a can of sangria with cava: delicious! Be sure to make a reservation on beforehand via telephone though!





 Sometimes you want to spend as little money as possible on your food, without having to eat a cup of Aiki Super Noodles. If this is the case, Comidas Bar S. Juan is the place you need to go. This very very very very tiny little restaurant in the old city center of Ibiza serves quality dishes at absolutely rediculous prices.

It wasn’t easy to order though. Not only were the menus in Catalan, they were also handwritten, presumably by a jelly fish, judging from the handwriting. The only word I managed to decipher was ‘croquettas‘, so I ordered croquettas.

This is not a joke: when my girlfriend and I saw the menu, we were going to order 5 or 6 different dishes, because we thought they were tapas judging from the price. Good thing we asked before ordering, though. One plate is more than enough.





After a great meal, what’s better some great ice cream? And for great ice cream on Ibiza there is one adress: Vivi’s Creamery. Their home made ice cream tastes great (the pistachio is a big tip), and the toppings they order are completely out of control. The most difficult thing is to choose.


So when you visit the wonderful Island of Ibiza this summer, I hope you’ll find the time between two parties to visit a couple of these places. Each and every single one of them are worth checking out.


– N.