Super Discount 3

France has given us an insane amount of good music and DJ’s in the last few decades. Think Daft Punk, Justice, Kavinsky, Brodinski, Yuksek, Surkin… The list goes on and on. One guy from that list recently released his new album. Think analog bliss, disco vibes, Juno, old school drums, vocoders… Veteran Etienne De Crécy is back at it.  After impressing at Pukkelpop and I Love Techno with his Super Discount 3 liveset (together with legends Alex Gopher and Julien Delfaud), it’s time for the album version.

The House Academy was invited to “Le Belgica”, a small café in the centre of Brussels, to witness the album presentation of Super Discount 3. Fellow editor Karel-Jan came along and we were both wondering what to expect of this night. At first we were a bit surprised about the location, but once inside we noticed the café had a more than decent sound system and soon it got pretty packed. The warm-up DJ (who did a very good job!) made way for guest of honour Etienne De Crécy at around 8.15pm. He played a short set in which he played only a few tracks from the album.

THA Super Discount

This was the first time we attended an album presentation, and we got lucky, because most of the times it’s just listening in the office of the distributor, along other journalists. Super Discount 3 was presented in a much more adventurous context. Look up “Le Belgica” and you’ll know what I mean 😉

I’ve had the cd in my car for two weeks now and I think I’ve listened it through for at least 10 times. I was constantly trying to pick out the “filling tracks” almost every house/dance/electronic music album has, but, to my surprise, I struggled to find any. Etienne adopts a slow-tempo groove in most of the tracks and I think this really works for the album. The liveset and album are closely related, but I do think there are some radio-friendly tracks on it. “Night”, “You” and “Sunset” are my picks for airplay, while “Smile” with Alex Gopher is by far my favourite track on the album. “Follow” with Kilo Kish is another one of my favourites, I really dig the dreamy vocal and arpeggiated sounds. Lush and laid back all the way. Check out 3 of the tracks and 2 short documentaries on the album below.

Listening as a DJ, I find it a bit harder to pick tracks to play. In a warm-up context most of the tracks would fit in, but I think major club-play is harder to imagine as – sadly – most DJ’s play at higher tempos. “Amazing” would be my bet. Yet, the old school vibe of the entire album is not that fitting for the ‘deep house madness’ contemporary clubs are witnessing. Something for the more daring DJ’s I’d say, as slow is still sexy as fuck.

All in all, Super Discount 3 is a very satisfying listening album, though I do wonder if this will get Etienne de Crécy any bookings. Then again, we shouldn’t assume this was his goal. A score seems pointless to me, as these things are so subjective. Just listen for yourselves.

Header picture © Etienne de Crecy