During summer, Belgium is the Walhalla for festivals. Over the years, there are gatherings that are in indispensable in our agenda and some new festivals that are making their entrance. A couple of years ago Charlotte De Cock decided to create Barefoot, a place of love and peace inspired on the philosophy of Burning Man. The House Academy was invited to experience the third edition of Barefoot & we got the opportunity to interview Charlotte for a little Quality First Q&A.


Exploring.  Over the many centuries, exploring developed into a pastime that will stay well rooted in our genes. Travelling, moving, experiencing the quality of life and breaking through the boundaries of freedom. Just writing these first two sentences awakens my wanderlust, yet again! Since the weather develops into our favour, wanderlust comes around several times a day.
Roaming the globe, however, is for the lucky ones who have, in particular, time on their hands. Being not yet in that “extra timeslot” of my life, I have made a list of the places and spaces I want to see and experience as soon as the prime time of my working life gets an extra clock.
So here are my Top 5 locations, ranked in no particular order.