Long charming tables filled with loved ones, preferably in Miami, Paris, Istanbul or New York.
Past, present and future intertwine when stories are told. Furnished with laughter.

This rare image comes to life whenever Butch’s CEO Dominique Vindevogel isn’t busy roaming the globe to meet his exclusive clients. And yet, even when this scenario sets in, you might encounter Dominique working…secretly.

The Meister Sessions

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to experience the first Meister Session. The event had all the ingredients of a Quality First gathering! An exclusive co-creative workshop mixed with some delicious Jägermeister drinks located in the newest hotspot in Ghent, Mòris. Want to discover more about the latest Jägermeister artistic collab? Then keep on reading!

Domestic Design

Last month, HOOK’s handmade geometric jewellery was represented at Søndag. Charlotte brought, next to the ornaments worn by Søndag’s very own luscious bartenders, her engaging entourage!

Night Shift 2015

Last Saturday was the kickoff of the new edition of the networking event Night Shift.
First up was Ghent. Couldn’t attend? Here’s a little report.


If you share our soft spot for newest trends, events or movements, The House Academy is your one stop shop. Birds of a feather flock together. Therefore, it only seems naturally that we retrieve the same chromosomes in our closest friends, yet they all hold their own expertise. Art, for example.

2014 in review pt. 1: Pete Howl

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to reflect on what 2014 brought us. I will write a few pieces on 2014 in the next few days. To me, it has been a year of rediscoveries. I rediscovered my love for techno, thanks to one club in particular: Decadance. There, one guy epitomises everything Decadance stands for: Pete Howl.

Summer Essentials

If you want to be ready for summer, you definitely need a few essentials. A lovely bikini, a phone cover that matches your outfit, summer nails, a sweater for cold summer nights, accessories, and many more. A few weeks ago Open air @ Le Bateau was the place to be to score a unique summer essential item.

Teaching The Kids

Some days ago, 100 Dagen took place in Ghent. Usually a day – even more a night – where young students slightly exaggerated celebrate their last 100 days before graduating high school. The Overpoort, the student party quarter, was flooded with these 17 and 18 year old youngsters. And yup, I’ve seen a lot of fights, a lot of overly drunk people and some animal behavior.