The drivkraft of design

Arriving and leaving work when it is dark is what we all encounter these days. The few hours of little light during the day fills me up with drivkraft (motivation) and makes me want to work yet another tad harder! But when lacking windows at the office, this seems quite difficult.

For those who aren’t blessed with professions that oblige you to stretch your legs, I consult daily exercise or a change in sitting posture every once and a while. Or else you will encounter the severe pain of three jammed ribs. And not the “all you can eat” kind of ribs, mind you.

Because of a shortfall of windows, beauty and ergonomic chairs at work, I went down the rabbit hole a.k.a. the Internet and came to float on a few marvelous aesthetically pleasing designs of office environments.

Take this one for example. Dutch studio RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture Art Affordances) and artist Barbara Visser created The End Of Sitting. Well, at least they suggested other working positions next to sitting. They constructed their first working prototype at Looiersgracht 60 in Amsterdam, Holland.

No more tables, no more chairs and no more jammed vertebrae or nerves.


Fun fact: RAAAF had to create all comfortable positions themselves, since they are the first to be occupied with creating a concept of a whole working environment.

As you can notice, some of the three-dimensional shapes naturally become leaning posts or are ideal for laptops, notebooks, pens and bums to rest on.



Seems pretty neat, doesn’t it?

Next to this astonishing project, other office spaces have been designed to motivate and inspire us.

Such as this London office, refurbished by Paul Crofts Studio. To make the office more inviting, they descended the tables to ground level, added soft turquoise cushions and threw in a few motivational quotes and home accessories. Colour does make a difference, boss!



Do we likey?

Meeting booths in full furry turquoise (to extend the company’s signature colour) and meeting rooms with a homey and motivating feel. One of them even has a ping-pong table!

In the States, Clive Wilkinson, architect born in Cape Town, South Africa yet based in Los Angeles, put one huge table through the office room of digital marketing agency The Barbarian Group in New York. This setup even won the Office Category at Inside Festival 2014!

Next to creating an open-minded working environment, the table flows in ways that it forms grottos to give personal and meeting space as well.


Being a fan of marble, it only seems obvious my fancy goes out to this kind of reinvention: an office room remodelled into a hotel lobby. Working outside the office always seems more inspiring than handling the 9-to-5’ers mentality in a ditto employment space. Therefore, please do encounter this beautiful marble-lined foyer in the lower floors of 1980s Willemswerf office in Rotterdam, Holland, by The Powerhouse Company.


The Powerhouse Company wants to encourage chance meetings by making the lobby formally and yet informally.

To accentuate the high-end hotel feel, the architects added dining and drinking establishments. All in… marble!
It seems that working can make you feel couture!


Are we motivated? Good, now let’s get back to work!

Pictures © Hufton+Crow,  Jan Kempenaers, Clive Wilkinson Architects, Kim Zwarts