The Meister Sessions

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to experience the first Meister Session. The event had all the ingredients of a Quality First gathering! An exclusive co-creative workshop mixed with some delicious Jägermeister drinks located in the newest hotspot in Ghent, Mòris. Want to discover more about the latest Jägermeister artistic collab? Then keep on reading!



CRPhotography Meister Session Collage 3

For a new collab Jägermeister decided to team up with the talented graphic designer Musketon. Musketon who? Aka Bert Dries is a 25-year-old illustrator based in Ghent. He studied graphic design which in the end didn’t work out so he decided to follow the exit signs to pursue his dream. Anno 2015 he’s a self employed creative that travels the world to spread his story. You might recognise his illustrations from the famous Angrybear shirts that became a real hype thanks to the clip #SELFIE.




Jägermeister is a complex blend of 56 natural ingredients. Its secret recipe uses only carefully selected Quality First herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from across the world. Extracts from the blends are obtained over several weeks through a gentle process of cold maceration in which the ingredients are steeped in a mixture of pure alcohol and water. Afterwards, the master distillers combine the macerates with the dark brown base material that is the key to the legendary Jägermeister flavour.

Specially for Jägermeister Musketon designed an illustration that will appear on a series of limited bottles.


Want to win one of the limited bottles from Musketon x Jägermeister? Simple follow @thehouseacademy on social media, like the picture and share! Winner will be announced on the first of July. Good luck!



Insider note: if you are in Ghent make sure to head over to Mòris for drinks. It’s the new place to be in the heart of Ghent. You can find more information on the Mòris Facebook page.

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Thanks for reading. Bise, C.