The statement Ten Walls should have made

More or less everyone with an Internet connection and a Facebook-account has written his or her opinion on the recent Ten Walls events that have occurred. Some of the opinions were scathing, others defended the Lithuanian producer.

Yesterday afternoon Ten Walls released a statement, apologizing for the things he said, and stating that he needed a break now, so he cancelled all his gigs. Ever since the outburst of the hatred against Ten Walls, I’ve been wondering: was there a way he could have saved his career? Was there anything at all he could have said to try and make things right?

In all honesty: I think he deserves to have a lousy summer, with zero gigs. He deserves to feel terrible, because the things he said, even if they were said in a “private” (Facebook is never private, not even on your private account) environment, were horrific. However, “he who is without sin cast the first stone” might apply to this situation more than ever. The guy’s music (which is brilliant) was his life, and does he deserve to lose the most important thing in his life over this? I’m not sure.

The statement he made was very poor, here’s what I think he should have written and done in order to make things right:

The number of comments I received have blown my mind. Never had I thought a Facebook-comment could have such heavy consequences. At first, I was outraged by all the hateful and disrespectful comments. It was not until a couple of minutes ago that I realized: “maybe so many people can’t be wrong”…

I know I have a dissenting opinion on homosexuality. I now realize it was very wrong and offensive to ventilate it publicly. However, apologizing for making the statement would be useless unless I would work on myself. That’s why I have decided to get educated. After this summer I’m enrolling in a University course in Philosophy and Human Rights, in which I will be lectured by several brilliant professors. I hope this will be able to change the way I look at things, and help me become a better person.

I will not stop making and playing music. It is what I love and what I have dreamed of all my life. I wouldn’t help anyone by giving up my passion. I will however donate all the money I make for the rest of the year to a gay rights organization.

Last but not least: I would like to offer my deepest apologies to everyone who was hurt by my statements. I will do everything in my power to change the way I look at things and to become a better person.

I’m pretty sure this would have been a better apology…